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A few years ago my son Justin and I were looking at different ways to use our family farm to make some extra income.  My dad and I had started raising and selling hogs back in the mid to late 70’s and I remembered it being one of the best times of my life, so the idea was born. I had found a phone number at a local feed store for someone selling pigs. I called and quickly made a deal to buy five pigs at $30.00 each (going rate in our area) and we were in business. A couple of months later we bought five more pigs because our strategy at that time was to buy five per month. That way we could have 5 hogs a month ready for market after the first six months. Then something unexpected happen, four out of the last five pigs had all died and our first five pigs weren’t growing very fast. Our new business was quickly going in the wrong direction. We really didn’t know where to start, but we knew one thing for sure this wasn’t going to work. We felt that it was going to be in our best interest to stop where we were and reevaluate. The one thing we knew for certain was that we had to be sure that we had healthy, quality pigs to start with. The idea of buying feeder pigs at random went out the window, from now on we are going to raise our own boars and sows and made the decision to buy purebred registered stock. That way we would know exactly what quality of hogs we were selling. At that point we went on to the internet searching for the best quality pigs we could find. This is what led us to the Berkshire Heritage Hogs.  They fit everything we wanted as far as quality, composition, taste and durability but that wasn’t all, while searching the internet we came across several articles on all natural pasture raised hogs.  Up until that time I had thought that hogs were supposed to be raised in a confined area with limited space, socking the food to them so they would grow as fast as possible. This really hit home I actually felt guilty for raising our pigs in this way, because to tell you the truth we really love our pigs and the idea of them be able to roam and live a natural unconfined  life set well with us.   With this new found information we dove right in to raising our pigs as naturally as possible.  Watching our small pigs grow into big pigs and having litters of their own was very rewarding. Knowing that they were able to do that in a natural healthy environment without confinement has inspired us to help spread the good news!

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