Dedicated To Getting “The American Hog Farmer “ back in business and making profits!


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So where did the hog farmer go? What happen to small and midsize hog farms?  What happen to the profits? Where did the flavor and quality of meat go? Where did the Berkshire hogs go? Did you know that purebred Berkshire Heritage Hogs are consider a rare breed? How can it be that very few people in the US even know about the absolute best tasting pork on the market? How did the big hog factories take over? What happen to healthy, all natural unprocessed food?   All of these questions really need to be answered. This website is about getting "The American Hog Farmer back in business and making profits". Let’s get together and turn this thing around and put our local farmers and markets back in the game. What do you say? Feel free to chime in and comment on my blog page. I want to know what you think…………